Ask for it


Ask For It is designed to help women acquire those skills. Developed after years of real-world research, the book’s innovative four-step program guides women through the process of becoming more confident, savvy, and successful negotiators.

Starting before the beginning, Ask For It demonstrates the critical importance of good preparation, showing women how to size up a situation, track down the information they need, and develop a strong argument. Revealing the correlation between goals and outcomes, the book shows women how to set the right targets—high but not too high, well-founded but ambitious. Boosting their confidence while honing their skills, the book’s much-praised six-week self-training program, the Negotiation Gym, takes women step-by-step through a series of  negotiations—some low stakes, some high, a few about just one thing (such as salary), others about multiple issues, some with people they’ll never see again, and others with co-workers, supervisors, family members, and friends. Women learn what works for them and what doesn’t, how to play to their strengths, and how to relax, smile, and go in and get what they want.

Praise for Ask For It

"Nice girls don’t ask, but smart women do. Ask For It provides the tangible tools and tips you need to get your fair share of the raises, promotions, and perks you’ve earned—and deserve."

Lois P. Frankel, Ph.D., author of Nice Girls Don’t Get
the Corner Office

"Gives women a groundbreaking gift: the means to ask for what they’re worth...more pay, more status, more resources, more equitable treatment."

Evelyn Murphy, President,  the WAGE Project, Inc.,  and author of Getting Even: Why Women Don’t Get Paid Like Men—
and What to Do About It

"A practical and empowering resource, invaluable to anyone, male or female, looking to gain an advantage at the negotiation table."

Publishers Weekly

"This upbeat, realistic, and inspiring book will help you create new possibilities in every part of your life—whether you’re just starting out or already mid-career. Give it to your mother, your daughter, your sister, your friends!"

Miriam Nelson, author of Strong Women Stay Young and
Strong Women, Strong  Bones

"Excellent . . .  For those who read the authors’ first book and wondered what they should do next to redress their negotiation weakness, the answer is to read this book."    

                                       Toronto Globe and Mail

"A must read for any woman looking to make a change at home or on the job."                                                                

Lindsay Hyde, President, Strong Women, Strong Girls, Inc.

"Gutsy . . . excellent . . .  Ask For It recounts numerous stories of women facing negotiations at work and in their lives, across a range of industries and professions, which bring the lessons to memorable life."